Ya, I’m so going there so hang tight.

I joined Gaia.com to watch their series called Psychedelica. You can watch the trailer here: Gaia Trailer: Psychedelica

In this blog, I’m going to talk all about White People and POC (people of colour including everyone else on the planet)

As a heads up, this post is not about blame but to reveal the truth of the situation between Caucasians and POC. Leave all emotions at the door cause this is some truth talking.

I’m sure we can all agree that the system that we are living in started with colonialism?

That’s a yes.

Multiple countries on all continents were invaded by white people and they killed POC?


It’s a fact we can’t deny it. Again leave your emotions at the door.

If you are white your family lineage got to live and grow in a system that did not discriminate against you. Why would it? Your white people created it.

Again it’s a fact, emotions at the door.

Now that there is a shift happening on the planet so many people are rediscovering the healing powers of plant medicine, and the mystic spirituality that originated with POC.

You would think a new dawn of merging both white people and everyone else has begun.

I beg to differ. There is still a HUGE discrepancy in the content that is going out to the world.

Common sense would have it that if I’m going to need heart surgery I’m going to go to a doctor who has amazing stats under his/her belt.

Wouldn’t you?

If I go to a dentist I am entrusting their training is top notch?

If I’m going to entrust my SOUL and my ENERGY to a healer, common sense would tell me to go see someone who has either the  LINEAGE, the traditions, and the PSYCHIC/MEDIUM ABILITY to do this type of work?

Ask yourself, would you trust a white person’s educated theories from a 6-year educational university degree and 10 years of experience in the field of research,  instead of thousands of years of experience growing, making medicine, channelling energy and conducting healings to an entire city/village? Do you realize that ancient healing knowledge has been hidden by this SYSTEM? The same system set up by your Caucasian Ancestors?

This is where I am VERY disappointed with  Gaia’s documentary on Psychedelics. Yes, a couple of Indigenous Shaman’s were interviewed but over the entire series, I only saw 2 Shamans of colour making up maybe 3% of the entire program.

Instead, I was listening to white people give their educated opinions on something they have only learned behind a book, their own personal experience and their applied theories.

Correct me if I’m wrong but how in the world does a white person born in the USA, Canada, England, Austrailia etc.  who grew up in a white system have any idea what ancient plant medicine is?

Did you grow up drinking golden milk like I did? Did your mother give you Senna Pod Tea to clean out your system? I doubt it. You probably got Pepto bismuth and ginger ale.

Did you use coconut oil for moisturizer? I did. Oh no, wait you had man-made Oil of Olay.

You see there are ways in which I grew up that were passed down through the generations.

I’m sorry to be so blunt but Caucasians traditions and culture that were passed down were to invade, take, and make it their own, then sell it. Unless it’s a product or Christianity, I would love to know more about what Caucasian traditions are and what is passed down to their kids that has historical lineage?

Other than Christmas and Easter we all know those were switched to honour already in place Pagan traditions.  The pagans and the witches were burned and what a shame because that was a common thread to bring together POC and Caucasians.

The Earth’s natural healing modalities

I’m just saying this to shake things awake and bring this into awareness.

Get my drift? There are traditions and cultures from my LINEAGE white people will NEVER understand.  They are only now learning that very important information was kept hidden from them by their white system!

Again this is just some hard truth. My best friend since childhood is white and I love her family and her kids etc.

But they also recognize what the system is doing to them.

It is a betrayal for sure. It’s also another reason not to believe your white system and to listen intently to POC.

If I want to work with plant medicine you can bet I want it to be with an AUTHENTIC Shaman. Unless you have natural abilities and have humbly had the calling from the spirits to go to the Amazon to work with a Shaman, or if a Shaman gives you a FREE apprenticeship, that’s who I would trust, no matter the colour of your skin.

You see Shamans recognize one another and in that help each other. I found that kinship when I met Ajok in Bali. We remembered one another right away from a past life as Shamans.

Shamans are called and their teacher will hear the spirits telling them that their pupil is on the way.

Everything else is hogwash in my opinion. If we are going to HEAL AUTHENTICALLY then the calling to do this deep healing must also be authentic.

My initiation has been the deep inner work I have been doing since I was 16 years old. I am now 41. I was in the Amazon at age 17 and many times afterwards. I have DNA lineage and heard the calling from the Spirits since birth. It’s to the point even my parents have admitted that there was always something different about me.

I never took classes nor do I allow people to do healing on me. If you are someone who did energy work on me I must trust you IMMENSELY!

I did Reiki 1 and 2 classes only to open me back up after having something really dark attach to me. Other than that I am VERY VERY careful who I allow into my Sacred Union with The Universe. It’s because I honour how Spirit guides me and what I am told to do.

My connection has not been tampered with. I learned from the best, from Spirit.

Again accepting this calling is HUMBLING. I can’t stress that enough. To sit here and write all of this down is to illustrate what I have had to heal to be in this place.

I’m not here to say POC this or White People that. How can I? My own children are part  Indian, Indigenous and Caucasian.

The power must be distributed where the knowledge and traditions of ancient plants and healing modalities must first be honoured by white people.

Caucasians are to recognize that their ability to grow up in a system that honours the colour of their skin is the basis for breaking apart a networking system of indigenous healers around the world and it’s time for them to listen to POC.

It is the POC who are most experienced. The POC are willing to share this knowledge but want to be included and honoured for what they know. Not exploited by another Lu Lu Lemon Branding!

Experience is the best teacher. If I want to learn about ancient plant medicine I want to hear it from the EXPERTS who were BORN into this. I trust them with this knowledge over anybody else.

The Gaia subscription greatly brought up for me how the new age movement is still inundated by a white system that is still exploiting some really ancient wisdom for profit.

As a POC watching the Psychadelica Series made me sick to my stomach. I got to see 2 Indigenous people out of many Caucasians talking about a culture that was KILLED for their tribal customs: “Oh yes yes, you tribal backwards people were onto something all this time” That’s it. We get the bare minimum

It reminds me of my 17 years working for the Federal Government. The higher you go the whiter it becomes, or the Whiter you have to become. Higher Whiter I call it.  Meet the quota and hire a minimum of POC. I’ve lived it, you can’t tell me otherwise.

It’s everywhere. The only way to have peace on this planet is to INCLUDE more than 3 % of POC in the documentaries that are being made. How about 70%?

Oh wait, it’s a white system, I doubt that will happen unless we make our own movie, like Black Panther.

…And that’s how separation happens. We have been excluded yet again…

If this exclusion keeps happening in our media we will never mend our bridges and separation will ensue.

POC want a union, so include us in the  New Age Movement and STOP CHANGING ANCIENT PRACTICES!

Boycott LuLu Lemons of the new age movement! If we are not included can you blame us for starting our own? That’s when people think we don’t want to be involved. Just remember who was killed for the system next time you partake in healing modalities or when you go to yoga classes.

Take notice that most of your Yoga teachers are Caucasian.  I’m sure you know Yoga started in India. How about mantras? All POC.

There’s a reason your Yoga teachers are white…it’s called colonialism and there is an entire history about the class system that whites created in India that most don’t know about.

Caucasians aren’t to blame, and my POC we are to STOP blaming white people. What needs to happen is an acknowledgement of where we have come so far as a human race and to stop the patterns of our ancestors. It’s all in the past but POC still need the support of Caucasians who are willing to acknowledge that they are still in many areas exploiting POC’s traditions and ways of life.

To the Caucasians who are actually ready to LISTEN  to those who have gone through genocide, please keep hearing us and supporting us. Thank you for building that alliance by recognizing what your ancestors have done to us. Now we need the extra support in the media and to be more visible in the world! Especially in our spiritual practices and where they actually come from!

My POC, forgiveness is something we can do. We don’t have to forget but we can forge ahead stronger by letting go of the pain by supporting one another.  We need to stop discriminating within our own group and accept all people of colour even if they are LGBTQ, and that is including our white alliances.

If you work in energy you can thank a person of colour for that. Without Hinduism my Caucasian friends you would never know about energy and the chakra system

Include us. Hear us. Work with us.  Get into our culture. Ask us questions. Learn from us. And please… Give us the DAMN CREDIT for our TEACHINGS.

I will leave you with this amazing article I found online, as it compliments my blog amazingly! Thank you to the author (who is Caucasian) for her amazing awareness and strength to call out some real truth!:

White People Have No Culture