Shamanism. It’s something I have avoided because the label irritated me to my core watching the New Age Movement claim this title. I believe deep down I knew the true sacredness of being a Shaman and realized that anything in this New Age movement, that if it fits your spiritual ego, then cool, you can be a Shaman too.

Spiritual ego, I have dealt with it also. Being able to see energy as accurately as I can, and accepting my amazing clear abilities to speak to all entities has been difficult for me to talk about. Heck, I’ve been called crazy all my life! It’s because I didn’t want to stand out as much as I love attention and the spotlight at certain times LOL I’m more of a secluded introvert.

Ego can work both ways. You either claim to be better than others, or you refuse to admit you have amazing gifts in fear of standing out of the crowd. I was more of the latter.

Then there are those that just grab onto any label that fits their personna where they are subconsciously creating an identity so they feel “awakened”

Like I said…been there done that. Now it’s time to be me.

There are all sorts of frequencies that go along with a label, but for some reason, the word Shaman really bothered me. When I saw people claiming this title where they have zero connection energetically to the spirits who call those into Shamanism, makes me see just how far away the world has drifted from this healing practice.

I have been called into this for as long as I can remember but  13 years ago deep in the Amazon was when I heard the spirits clearly. I was at Kaieteur Falls drinking from the river when I clearly heard a voice in the trees saying ” welcome home, you will be back”

When I was a child I heard Spirit calling me home and I would cry for no apparent reason. I befriended demons as a kid, angels, my dead grandma, the lady attached to the land of our house, the faeries etc. You name it I was friends with it.  I saw dead spirits everywhere waking me up in my sleep asking me to help them. I have been TORMENTED by the other realms like most Shamans are. It’s because I can help those in all dimensions.

You see, being called to do this work is HUMBLING it’s not about, wow that feels good I think I will be a Shaman. It’s not about beating a drum and spreading your crystals out and doing simple ceremonial energy work. NOPE.

Shamanism is the ability to COMMUNICATE effectively with the spirits and take their DIRECT instructions on what to do and vice versa. Shamans can also direct the SPIRITS and tell them what to do.

Now you tell me what new age crystal loving Shaman does that? Do they see the dark demons attached to your addictions? No, I doubt it. But I see them clearly, and so do the Amazon Shaman’s who deal with Ayahuasca.

I’m not dismantling the practices that people partake in, I’m wanting to bring some deep awareness to what is happening on our planet. Yes, new age practices can help different people at a different place in their journey. Great! But I want you to be aware of truly what a Shaman is, and what it isn’t.

A true Shaman will SEE the spirits and entities that keep you stuck and they will KNOW the energy so precisely that they can intuitively move it around and help you to become aware of what is really going on in your ENERGY CONSCIOUSNESS.

To be a Shaman you get a calling that is so deep you can no longer ignore it. It comes when you are a child. Shamans are born awake, they do not wake up to it. This is the difference. Shamans do no go about life and one day and have an awakening to the calling of this deep work. They have known since birth.

You see true Shamans can go into the darkest realms, they have seen those realms since they were kids, they worked with the dark entities as much as the light ones. They see the totality of it and don’t fear it. They live in the spiritual realms FIRST and find it VERY difficult to be in this world. They struggle with Earth-based concepts for most of their lives. This is me to a tee. To avoid this physical world I PURPOSEFULLY stayed in spirit, to see through spirit’s eyes FIRST, because that is where I always felt most at home.

The irritability I felt over the years was being seen as a fake like all the other “wannabes” in the world. This isn’t something I wanted. This was NEVER something I sought. Trust me I stayed away from spiritual woo-woo and pick and chose carefully what I played in. I think that’s because I knew deeply who and what I was here to do.

Yes I see how I have been prepped for this, yes I can see how I can go to the darkest places before you die and rise those up to the highest, and that’s all natural ability. Yes, I can see exactly what is causing your problems in your body. Yes, I can see all your connections and how you interact in your life with all your relationships.

Again, most who come from spiritual ego would LOVE what I see, but those who have a true Shaman calling are very HUMBLED by it. We have been struggling our entire lives figuring out what we see and why.

I can’t do this New Age stuff anymore. It has way too much fluffy crap that I can not align with. I like to get you deep into your shit and shake you up. I love the authentic work that makes you face your limitations and gets you into seeing who you really are.

We don’t need new age Shamans. That’s reinventing the wheel. We have thousands of years of practices for those who are truly called into it

If you can’t see and work with the spirits naturally, I don’t buy your title. Shamans have the gift since they were children of foresight, and seeing other realms. They are called crazy because they don’t fit in, and if you want a real authentic Shaman, most of them are locked away in our mental hospitals.

YOU GO CRAZY if you are truly a Shaman because of what you see and hear inside of self and in other realms.  If you don’t have that, I’m sorry, it’s just a label.

I want to bring back deep-rooted traditions of this sacred practice and stop making Lu Lu Lemon labels out of everything ancient and then package it up and sell it to the new agers.  It’s not REAL!

People just want a quick fix, even in their spiritual journey. It doesn’t work like that. That’s why I stopped doing readings. People only want to hear what to do next instead of facing themselves. That where I come in. I’m here waiting for those who really want healing and not some quick fix that lasts a week.

Ya I just say it. Ya, this post comes off aggressive but that’s me being very firm in self.  It’s my deep honest truth, and what I have been guided to talk about. If it bothers you good! That’s the point. That means it will irritate you long after you have read this and that means my seed has been planted in some very uncomfortable energy. It is that uncomfortable energy that is the starting point of awareness and expansion.

I have walked many years the path of darkness and into massive amounts of healing to fully know energy. That was a huge part of my training. Shaman’s who claim in the new age to be so have not done that type of depth work. Those who are authentic to the calling have been there many times and that is when Mother Ayahuasca will call you. I am being asked to step into my Shaman role and train with this amazing plant.

True Shamans don’t need world schooling or going to some Shaman program. They are chosen and directed on where to go and they are told who will take them on. They need guidance on how to work with what they already see and experience intuitively and telepathically.

I am being guided and I am excited to see who will be my Mastero. I have been told by the spirits that I will be chosen for apprenticeship and I see who that person is already. The vision will clear up the closer I get. I don’t know when but I feel soon.

And that’s how it works and how it has for years. You are guided intuitively by the Spirits by direct communication. It’s not an Ah-Ha moment.