I have totally been misled by the world of love, interchanging and confusing lust, sexual attraction, and emotional attention as forms of intimacy when the truth is I never knew love until I loved myself.

We hear it all the time, love yourself, but it’s so overused we have even lost sight of what that looks like. Here’s a hint: “True love is how the Universe loves you” Do you know and feel how the Universe loves you? Are you receptive to that love? You will never find it outside of yourself or how someone treats you. You won’t even find it in how your parents love you. There will always be something that is missing deep within. This is where we go searching for that outside of ourselves.

To love oneself with a reverent love means that you fill the longing yourself. You learn to self-soothe, comfort and how to stop self-judgement and nourish the inner child that never got what they needed in the past. You also learn how to quickly cut out patterns in your life that do not align with your reverent self-love!

Once you put this at the forefront of your spirit’s evolution it will take you on a journey where you will consistently be reminded to go within and love yourself harder. I have found the more I have come to honour my weird, hyper, deep sensitivity, the more I was able to offer this vibration to others.

It’s another reason I have come to a place where I will no longer have a “human” relationship. My path is Divine Union.

Forget the label Twin Flames. We are such powerful creators that the moment you put a belief system around these stories you will create the experience. I did with my ex. We danced in that for 5 years with 2-year separation with zero contact.

We had it all the telepathy, the intensity and a love I figured was meant to be. But when she returned 2 years later, in a distraught mess, I opened my heart again thinking we were meant to be.

This is where most people, including myself, get lost in the outside world of love. I’m not going to go into the details but I have come to realize the frequency of what true unconditional love is and what it isn’t.

The explosion of lust and excitement is most definitely lust and ego love. If you have been doing deep inner work you will come to realize this. You can’t find the peace of the universe through excitement. When we meditate and quiet the mind, it is in that state of peace and stillness where unconditional love sits.

True love will always sit quietly in the background, being observant, loving, patient, kind, honouring, humbled, and most importantly, highly peaceful. It feels like coming home after a long trip and flopping on the couch ingulfed in soothing loving vibrations. Its deep intimacy, and connection. That’s the start of it. Yet, like everyone else, I got caught in the excitement, the psychic revelations, the intensity, the back and forth…Plain and simple I got caught up in the drama of it all.

I had all those exciting telepathic signs with my ex-partner, making me believe it was divine. I felt tricked, hurt and betrayed. I am so glad to say that this past year of my healing has been intensely around my heart and relationships. I have been given the opportunity to finally heal the relationships within me, from family to my past lovers, and seal a reverent love for my spirit.

There is no more partaking in “human” based relationships anymore for me. Not long term anyway. What I am creating is a reverent union with the Divine. In turn, my compliment will show up. You may ask what does a divine union look like. For me, it is the complete and uttermost ability to be free in myself with one another.

I am not one to play in any form of codependency. My divine union is with someone who has their own life and dreams to fulfil and who isn’t willing to conform to belief systems of what a relationship is to look like.

For me, my Divine Union is to love without attachment. That means if my partner is interested in travelling a year without me to find themselves. AWESOME! If my partner meets someone that can aid in their sexual healing where they can’t do certain things with me, then go for it. If it means that my partner wants to go live in Africa for 6 months alone without me. YES! If my partner wants to keep their own house and lifestyle and not live together. All for it!

You see, I don’t put stipulations on my partner because they can NEVER give me what I want. Only I can do that with the Universe by my side. To be in a union is when both parties are walking side by side with the Universe, and allowing the Great Cosmos to show you who you are to SHARE LOVE with. It’s never about what you can get, but more about how you ALLOW it to just BE.

What I want is another soul who can form a union with me in deep authenticity where both of us are totally free to do as we wish. Naturally, we will be drawn to one another anyways, and the truth in our connection will always be intact because it is in Divinity first in which we meet. We don’t meet in needs and wants of our human desires. We have deep respect for the other’s soul evolution no matter how the other is called.

Freedom to be self is the most beautiful expression of the Cosmos. When I see my Divine Compliment growing, evolving, and following their dreams, that attraction trumps everything physical. How and why would  I put restrictions on anybody to follow societal ideas of what a true union looks like?

For me, my partner’s soul evolution and growth is a top priority. I want the same because that’s how I love myself. My soul’s evolution and growth come first before everything else, including my children. My union with the Universe comes as a top priority.  I can’t be with someone until that is also true for them, meaning they too are living and breathing with the Universe FIRST.

Everything else outside of that for me is a life experience to get into that place of unconditional love for its how the Universe guides us. It’s pure, clear,  and totally free of judgement.

None of us will be able to  go there until you love yourself in that same way. It’s how true love manifests in all its glory, where it will then emerge as easy, peaceful, and it will feel like home. It won’t ever be dramatic.  It won’t be like other relationship experiences because first both parties are connected to the guidance of the Universe, and not based on conditions on what the other person is doing.

I am so willing to love myself even deeper for this experience because life is meant to be fun and easy! If you are experiencing drama, take another look, because uncondiontal love is harmonious and peaceful. It’s the quiet voice within that’s hard to hear.