Zombies walking around totally unconscious. It’s how I see the mass consciousness on the planet and what I have taught my children since they were born.

Recently a newsletter came home from the Peel School Board regarding the new sex education curriculum. They will be teaching our youth about LGBTQQTIP2SSA which I am in full support of, however, there are many parents who are not.

What caught my attention was the statement issued by the Peel School Board was that belief systems are to be taught at home and the education in the system is inclusive. I liked that because you can bet that my children have been raised in a very CONSCIOUS home.

They know the truth about everything, my past, what abuse looks like, what emotional regularity is, and what mind patterns are.

You may think our kids can’t handle that information, and in their brain probably not, however, if you speak energetically and from the soul first, they get it.

The energy from our natural empathic abilities will form the proper thought patterns in their brains for navigation. Whatever they learn energetically they will create a way to understand it in their minds (the reference library)

The ONLY thing I have EVER lied to them about is Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Even then I struggled to tell them such falsehoods.

Yes, I have heard it all how to it’s cruel to tell children the truth etc, but again that’s from our human perspectives. Children are already tapped in and turned on, we then enforce our belief systems on them and take them out of alignment.

Cultural traditions are simply passed down belief systems. I prefer to keep my kids in alignment as long as possible. This is where I coined the mass consciousness on the planet as Zombieland.

Since my kids were young I have pointed out to them the energy frequencies and how those frequencies made them feel based on vibration and their natural empathic abilities. These are skills we are all born with.

Before heading out to Zombieland we always prepped. To observe the zombies, and to be like the zombies while we were out. They were never scared by the zombies, quite the opposite. They were intrigued by how unawakened the zombies were. It became a lot of fun!

Take a look around next time you run to the grocery store. Recognize the zombies around you. If you act like them they won’t treat you weird. LOL

If you stand in line at the bank, it’s silent with that glazed look in their eyes. You trigger them in the elevator when you smile, or when you start up a conversation on the bus. You will only be treated different or attacked if you aren’t zombie-like yourself. If you act like everyone else you will fit in.

Yes I taught my children that. It’s why many people close to them, can’t connect emotionally with them. On the emotional scale they only truly connect with me. It’s because most people on this planet have no idea that their emotions are their guiding system into soul alignment.

Nobody in my family circle (with the exception of my mother from time to time, she does her best) actually sits down and talks to my kids in a deep introspective way.  Nobody has a real relationship with them except for me. It’s hard for grown adults to even sit down and hear what my kids have to say. They have maintained their alignment and it irks people in their lives because, in all honesty, my kids get the essence of life better than most adults.. and deep down, that bother’s grown-ups because they have lost their own alignment. Here comes a 10-year-old and a 12-year-old fully aware of what’s happening energetically LOL

The adults around my children speak to them how they were spoken to as kids. Not heard and not seen. Speaking to them in that high pitched up and down voice we do with a cute dog. LOL, It’s degrading. My kids are wise souls in a small body and I fully see them that way. I honour their divinity first.

You can sit down and speak metaphsycial concepts with my kids. They see other realms. They manifest daily and are fully conscious of it. They work on their vibration. It’s a normal conversation for my kids to come home and say they manifested themselves out of a test. I LOVE IT. I am more proud that they are learning to manifest then doing math homework.

Yes, education is still important, but not as important as our world makes it out to be. I  have proven that time and time again.

If you master energy and how to manifest then you don’t have to do work you don’t want to.

I am raising non-conforming, fully aware, deep empathic children. They are getting their mastery skills up to par by partaking in the school system. It’s important they learn how to manage energy in all realms. The contrast of our systems will only help hem find more of their true power. Another reason I stopped homeschooling.

The unconscious will never be able to understand those who are awake. It’s because everything in Spirit is the complete opposite of the physical reality.

There are consequences raising fully tapped in consciously aware children. I am always pulling them out of mind patterns so they can align with their truth instead of what the world tells them. I teach them to see the physical reality as their past manifestations. They do struggle with the energy of the unconscious because even in their teachers at school they can sense how miserable they are, trapped in their lives.

I’ve had to teach them not to take on other people’s energy.  It’s always a work in progress. They are still children, they still play and act goofy. Too hyper and goofy for most people, but that’s because they haven’t been fully conditioned out of their high energy.

It’s normal for my kids to want to meditate to calm their energy before going to school. It’s quite normal for me to tell their teacher off and call them on basic human ethics of my children’s’ right to be able to truly express themselves.

I’m a systems worst nightmare LOL. I have no problems challenging anybody who’s around my children if they are not treating my kids like other humans, with deep respect, no matter what their age is.  My kids are also fully aware of what it FEELS like to be treated with deep respect.

I don’t take sides based on someone’s age. My kids are treated the same way how I treat everyone whom I have a deep relationship with. That’s deep respect for their soul’s evolution. I don’t care about your humanness, I care about what helps your soul to evolve.

It’s why some people find me harsh because I will call human condition out every time, and I simply just state it, or I hold the vibrational space and keep my mouth shut.

If you don’t respect me you get very little from me. I do my best to keep my peace when dealing with the zombies of this world, but like everything else, I am not perfect. I’m much better than most, but I lose it too.

Nothing my kids say to me is wrong, we simply clarify everything from a soul and energy perspective first. They ask if fairies and unicorns exist and I tell them what I see. Yes, they do they understand other dimensions and planes of existence, and they have seen them too. They are fully aware of death and transition, reincarnation and they too also remember their past lives.  They can read energy, it’s so natural to them they laugh at the zombies. It’s our little inside joke, but I also reiterate that it’s their job to see how other people get lost and how to be compassionate for another’s path. I want them to understand why people get lost, and if their love and compassion can help shift someone from pain to love then they are doing a wonderful job at life.

I’m raising powerful creators, not children. Guess what so are you! Their bodies are simply catching up to their great wisdom.

Today they are home for a PA day so no playing in Zombieland today. We will take this time to discuss their weekend away from home, how to love the zombies and how to move on in deep respect for the fully awakened life we are living and sharing together as a family on the planet.