It’s early 5am. Once again I was shaken awake by the Universe to write. This is nothing new. For years when I would get into a flow of writing, I would heed the calling.

The calling. This is another energy that has sat with me my entire life. Feeling the calling of my inner being so strong that I would be moved to tears at a young age. Mystical woo-woo is nothing new to me because I have been living more from the eyes of Source and from our natural internal guidance system my entire life.  I did my best even at a young age not to buy into my physical world not knowing at the time this is the key to energy mastery.  It’s also why I have such a clear understanding of energy. So speaking to Jesus, Mother Mary, demons, faeries, angels, my dead grandparents and any other entities that decided to visit me became my norm. I’ve been able to see and interact with all realms since I was very young. You name it, I can connect to it and clearly too.

This is leading up to my deep connection with Jesus, and not from a religious standpoint at all either. He first appeared to me at Sunday school. My non-practising Muslim parents sent me and my sister to get us out their hair. It was fun. I enjoyed the sugary watered down orange drink, and hard like rock cookies as we watched a puppet show, and every time there was Jesus behind the puppeteer poking fun and making faces at me. It was never the puppet show I was laughing at it was my interaction with the Ascended Master. We formed a deep connection at that point, I was around 7 years old.

I understand why Jesus came to me at such a young age. The amount of dark energy I have had to transmute from my life was something I had to do alone, and the only light I saw in those dark times was my good old friend Jesus. He guided me and intricately showed me what energy looked like and how to manoeuvre my way into wellbeing.

Again this blog is all about transparency and I know it’s time to come out and be fully authentic. I have hidden from the world my deep insight into the spiritual realms for a long time. I don’t want this to scare anyone, but I know that I needed Jesus in order to move out of such darkness.

It was because of the abuse as a child that darkness and dark entities that were attached to the energy of abuse (which is all man made by the way) I would feel them attacking me spiritually, trying to get into my body, and I would wake up many nights saying the Lord’s prayer to get them off of me. If I didn’t have that early interaction in my life with Jesus, I don’t know how I could have gotten through the darkness.

Right now I am moved to tears, and filled with love and gratitude as he stands beside me proud that I am finally sharing this with the world.

My visions didn’t stop with Jesus. At 18 I got into a bad bought again of darkness using a set of tarot cards that had something dark attached to them. Mother Mary appeared to me during this time and she would pray for me as I slept. I would wake up to a clear vision of her kneeling by my bed when I had a dark entity attached to my energy body.

At an early age, I was able to distinguish the different energies from the darkest dark to the highest light and everything in between. It’s helped me to teach energy discernment, and how to get really serious about how to create and hold a strong energy vibration.

This is the thing, most energy workers have no idea what they are doing in energy, and nor do they understand where they are connecting to. I don’t want to scare anyone, but energy has different vibrations, and man created the darkness out of fear. I know the dark, I know it’s intricate manipulating ways and how they show up in our physical world. I read it like the back of my hand.  It is part of my path that I had to walk through that darkness to understand the detailed ways of energy and frequency.

It’s such a fine line that I see a lot of spiritual workers trapped in their path because of the frequency they are working with. It might feel good but from my experience, dark things have a very tricky way of making it feel good so you believe it’s good.  Then we become attached to that energy as guidance. I have heard so many say that energy is energy so I work in all of it. Working in all of it isn’ the issue.  I see spiritualist suffering in their path because they have dedicated that their attachment to other realms as a priority over their own internal guidance system. They forego the deep quiet voice of pure Source Energy for the rush of excitement from their guides.   I say, why wouldn’t you want your point of stability to be in the most expansive place of divinity FIRST? When you have that connection, a bright expansive leveraging point, a partnership with the Divine Source FIRST, you become that much more powerful to work in all energy.

That’s how I work and where I choose to work from. I can’t work with other teachers either unless their leveraging point is also first with God Source, and not anything else. Not even the Angels. Source, that’s it. It’s because I have played in all other realms and nothing ever felt as good to me as it does when I am in full alignment with the Source of it all.

The only guidance we need is inside. This is what The Light Council told me. A group of white beings who at one time guided me on my journey. They too pulled away so I would not form an attachment. This is super important my friends. Those in the highest realms will NEVER FORM AN ATTACHMENT nor a human-based relationship with you! I would question where you are standing in your power if you are having human based relationships with a spirit guide.

We don’t need attachment to the energy. All we need is to learn how to work with our natural internal guidance system thoroughly and not any other energies outside of us. Other energies can help us, but again, its when we supplement their wisdom for our own internal systems is when we lose our spiritual authenticity.

You may think “well Rena, you talk to Jesus” and yes I do, but there was never attachment. We did not form a human-based relationship that most spiritualist do with their guides. He only came when I was in trouble and when I asked for help. I was then left to my own devices in how to work in the demonic realms and how to get myself out of there to the point of where I am today…FEARLESS. I am glad I can sit in any energy with my clients, and aid them to face their pain in such a way that shifts them. It’s because I have had the 1:1 experience with the energy they are experiencing because I have been working through the realms of energy my entire life. Taking notes of how energy worked along the way.

What fascinates me is that I didn’t even put myself in those dark realms. It was because of my ability to feel and live first from the energy that the energy frequencies generated from the abuse affected my energy body. This is what created the holes in my etheric field which allowed those energies to come into me.

My abuse was also my greatest gift because I would not be here helping others to navigate their own darkness and tap into their natural abilities. I would not be able to clearly see how different energy frequencies work, nor would I have learned how to connect and see so clearly if the dark entities didn’t show me how they got into other people’s bodies. I now use that for good in my intuitive coaching.

Now it’s time to get ready for my day. I had to share this. I was shaken awake to get my journey out to the world, and have been told the people who need to hear and see this will find it.

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