I will never vote. I have never had the desire and I only act on inspired authentic direction from the Universe, not from the Government or what the world tells me.

That’s me, a radical to the bone. Why have I never voted? Basically,  I have never been inspired to vote. Whenever voting appears it allows me to be grateful for what the system does for me. Being a gay woman in Canada I can be free in who I am. We have great healthcare. There is so much abundance around me and I am a lover of this country for the freedom we have. I’m all about freedom, you can check out my freedom post here:


The reason people vote is that they want to see a change in the system, but if we are truly wanting change that comes from a vibrational place of intention.

I say get out of your belief systems and get into alignment with your soul first and see if you are inspired to vote. Aren’t we voting every day? Placing our intentions with the Universe of what we do want and what we don’t want? Even if you are not aware of it, you are placing your desires with the Universe in every moment based on the vibrations of your emotions.

If I can be in a space of gratitude for what I have in Canada, then the reality that I am creating for myself will manifest no matter who comes into office.

I know this sounds impossible, but that’s why there are so many people in pain and suffering. Our physical reality is a byproduct of intentions and focuses based on your vibrational alignment from last week.

It’s similar to when you workout. You are not going to wake up after 1 week of working out with a kickass 6 pack. If you do I want to know you!! LOL, It’s a step by step process.

So the more people who hold vibrations of peace, love and gratitude, that will create the world we desire. The inspiration to act politically will then be revealed to us. It might be through voting or it might be through another avenue.

Politics don’t affect my life, they never have. Looking back over the years, born and raised in Canada, I don’t see much change. It doesn’ really affect my day to day life because everything seems to just work out in my favour and that’s because I hold my alignment in high regard.

And that’s why I won’t ever vote 🙂 That’s from an early retiree of the Federal Service for over 17 years 🙂