Remember those old westerns where they would have the one cowgirl who was brave enough to stand with the men?

The renegade who threw the dainty Victorian dress away and wore the cowboy gear going against what her society told her at that time?

She had edge, courage and an energy that couldn’t be stopped!

Sound familiar?

Don’t be mistaken, she also had depth, and intuition, and a nurturing calm about her

Give her a bunch of horses to choose from and every time she would choose the one she could connect with…. the UNTAMED

She would choose the wild horse, and tame it with HER energy.

She would take that wild energy and use it as FUEL

Sprinting off ahead of everyone else when the time was right….


How many times would she hear…?

“you can’t tame that horse. That’s impossible…”

But she kept at it. And she would do it.

Listen carefully…

You are that woman and you have both elements of wildness and clam

It’s what makes you stand out from the crowd

So why are you no longer using your wildness for fuel?

Instead, you remain drained, exhausted and frustrated between your business and your personal life

You have fallen into the trap that feeling this way is normal…

HECK…just because everyone says it’s TIME-CONSUMING and TIRING… doesn’t make it true wild woman!

Somewhere along the line, you bought into the story that to turn over the business you want is going to eat up your ENERGY in every way!

Then what happens? You end up with that energy in all areas of your life…. EXHAUSTED!!!

Is that really SMART business and a good ROI when you are feeling this way?

Wild woman….it isn’t true, it’s another tale society has told you.

You have fallen into the fairy tales that creating and running a successful business takes all of your time.

It’s a LIE! You CAN have more FREE TIME without the EXHAUSTION

And STILL, have the turnover you DESIRE.


Just like when you were told you couldn’t do it, you didn’t listen.

So why listen now?

You CAN have it all with EASE

You can ride that wild horse, wind in your face and freedom abound.

It can feel EXHILARATING again.

And that’s how it should be.

End that exhaustion, book a free call, get back to yourself wild woman!

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