It’s all about where and how you meet the unknown. It isn’t magical abilities, or that you can read energy, heal with energy or you can read someone’s aura.

In all honesty, I haven’t met very dead on readers because most engage in all types of energy realms where they ‘THINK’ they have a clear connection.

Are their readings accurate…sure for that present moment.

This is another reason I stopped doing readings. For sure they help people at a certain point in their journey but when you have been doing this type of work for as long as I have you realize that the only reason someone needs a reading is that they are so disconnected to themselves and their powerful spirit.

There are people who enjoy waking and awing those people into awareness. It was great for me early on in my journey but as I expanded I realized that most readers do not move on from this. In fact, most of them they are holding their readers back by providing information based on their client’s current vibration. If a person has enough energetic momentum around a certain situation and then they go see a psychic, the psychic will see the momentum and read that energy. Then the situation manifests and the client is “wowed” by the psychic’s prediction, when in fact it was the clients manifesting capabilities the entire time!

So who should get credit? Honestly, it’s such a codependent energy between readers and client, it literally makes me nauseous.

So where are you? Are you someone who keeps going back to readers over and over and over again? I am willing to bet that you are still stuck in your path or you are seeing slow improvement. Was it worth the hundreds of dollars to get that little movement? Please please recognize that YOU ARE POWERFUL not your psychic reader!

It’s because you are giving your power to someone else. Any type of future prediction is always based on where you are in your creative power. It has NOTHING to do with the Universe and what is coming for you. It’s all about what you are creating vibrationally! All we have is the NOW. You are creating the future…NOBODY ELSE!

This is why authentically when I do energy work, reading energy no longer speaks to me. I can feel the client aching for a solution but I can’t give them what they seek because I see it as a hindrance to their path and their power.  I am hindering those from taking that powerful step to recognizing that they create all of their situations!

Instead, I give my clients tools and show them the path to aiding themselves in becoming powerful. That’s what I see as a deep authentic powerful way to help people, instead of keeping a person seeking answers and telling them that there is only 1 possible outcome out of an infinite amount that could manifest! Then you take their money every month giving them advise base on their own energetic creations!

For me, a clear connection is when you are MANIFESTING like a rock star. If I don’t see someone kicking ass in their manifesting abilities, psychic abilities or not, the proof is in the pudding buttercup. You can tap into the energy that creates worlds, is when you can create anything you want here.

People who have figured out to CONSCIOUSLY manifest and work in energy are the most chill and relaxed people on the planet. They do nothing but chill. They believe, relax, and then get inspired. To me that’s enlightenment. The easiest, softest, most relaxed less work to get what you want.

So here is what I have manifested in the last 2 weeks. It’s been so amazing!

  • An extra 10k this month in income!
  • An all paid trip to the Bahamas
  • A fully booked retreat
  • Travelling to Havanna Cuba, and then maybe Belize or Macchu Picchu (haven’t decided yet)

Now keep in mind, I have been manifesting in my life for a really long time, but now I am working on being more deliberate. I started in Sept 2017 and the momentum has picked up that it’s really easy now. My thoughts are creating my reality almost instantly.

But this is the problem most people have, is holding and doing that work at building your vibration. That means you truly become mindful of your emotional reactions in your physical world. The more you buy into feeling like crap based on what is being presented to you in your physical world is you not taking responsibility for the vibrational frequency you are creating. Plain and simple.  Yup, I’m a blunt teacher/coach.

It took me 9 months to get here. Some people it might be less, or it could be more. It all really depends on how high alert you are going to be with the vibration you are creating.  You have to REALLY REALLY REALLY want this.

This is why not everyone can work with me. They can’t let go of their physical world. I break every belief you ever had. I break all the mind patterns. People get angry with me for my bluntness. It’s actually what I LOVE doing. I am blunt and honest about the energy, and heck I have to be. Why would I keep someone in their comfort zone when their comfort was built in mind patterns?

It makes total sense why Ganesha came to me over and over again and when I was in Bali. Even the Shaman saw him around me. He said you shake people up Rena. You are a destroyer, a remover of obstacles.

Everything started to click. Ohhhhh yaaaaa. I truly have the gift of shaking up and disturbing the energy! WAHOOO! I LOVE IT!

The whole point of our physical world is not to be consumed by it or to attach to it. It’s just a reflection of what you are creating vibrationally. Then when something shows up we don’t like we get angry. But wait! We are creating it and the reason we don’t want it is that we haven’t figured out in our vibration what we need to pay attention to! That’s it! We just have to become more mindful around it.

The world isn’t doing anything to us at all. It’s simply a giant pond reflecting back to us.

So what are you going to do about it?

Take responsibility for your power?

Or keep blaming the outside world for showing you the energy you are holding in your body?

Again psychic powers or healing capabilities or not… don’t mean crap if you aren’t creating.

That’s all I had to say. Love love, and create!

xo Rena xo