I truly believe everyone on this planet is a radical non-conformist. The only problem is that we have learned very early on not to go against the grain. What does this do to your internal energy?  It’s a slow shutdown that spans over time,  but then you hit 40 and you have no idea what life is about or where you are going and why you are here.

When I was a kid I clung to this little piece of me deep inside being fully aware that no matter what happens, this little piece of my soul won’t ever be touched. Conforming to a world that tried to tell me what was good for me when I knew intuitively it didn’t feel good made me question patterns early on. Isn’t it all about feeling good?? We are told to buy into vibrations that don’t serve us and over time, as our natural radical selves are shutting down, we eventually buy into this.

I kept this non-conformist radical perception (not even knowing that I was a radical non-conformist until this amazing woman I started dating recently told me so LOL) and I have done my best to live from this space.

Yes yes, I am an amazing energy worker, I can pinpoint very accurately information most people do not share with others. The little piece of my consciousness that I kept inside is the space where I can meet other people. It’s where we all meet, and when I go there you get to meet your true self through me. Honestly, this was something I could never talk about before because I use to feel bad about what I could do. Isn’t that crazy? I’m done with that too…….fuck it I say. I’m gonna just be me.

I love that I have a big ass voice, that I’m a chunky brown girl who wears a two-piece bikini in the summer. I love shining my weird self to the world and I encourage you to do that same!

I  did find support in the spiritual community, but something always kept me separate (it’s that little piece of consciousness I kept intact). Honestly, it’s another group of people who are forming ideas and theories into practices, much like religions, and when someone like me comes along and says “HEY! This doesn’t work anymore, try this!” You are shunned……hahaha ok maybe not shunned but most definitely I came across defensive spiritual workers who were so stuck in the methodologies that the New Age group presented, anything I said was met with resistance.

Eventually, I just stopped taking this physical reality seriously and started to see how friggin hilarious these patterns are. It became a game with me, an enjoyment of breaking people’s belief systems, it’s actually quite fun! The tension they feel when they are disrupted in their thought process and their emotions give me joy. I struggled with that too, being called a “Dark Horse” by an ex-lover based on the Katey Perry song. Being told I worked in Dark Energy……..but hey! There we go! Judgement on energy. Energy is just energy, it’s just your choice of what frequency you want to play in. That’s how I work anyhow.

This is how I know spirit works through me, the joy in all energy comes out when I can see someone’s blocks. Knowing that someone has entered the confusing realm of breaking their ego makes me jump for joy because now there is some space to bring in some awareness. Trust me, I have had to actually let clients go because of this aspect. I do not budge on patterns. Some people refuse to see what I am saying and then there is just no way I can help them.

I use to really feel bad about this gift because honestly there is no in between with me. You either really love me or you can’t stand me. I never get “mmmm Rena’ is ok I’m indifferent to her” HAHAHAHA NOPE! That’s ok too because it draws a pretty definite line on who I attract into my life. I figure I can’t feel bad because, in all honesty, this is the radical non-conformist part of me that gets you back into your own radical self.

Then where do I fit? I fit in my own world, and I have realized that if I am to do this type of work, it’s to create my own radical movement because I KNOW there are others out there like me, but they just haven’t been able to break free. Sifting and sorting myself through all types of energy I came up with my own teachings to help people and this is what it’s all about! Where do you fit? You fit in your own world too.

Here’s another concept I want to break. Earth isn’t a school to learn…..that entire concept makes me wanna puke. You are not here to learn lessons. Is that concept empowering to your soul? Seriously sit with that. Are you here to learn a lesson? It makes me feel like 3 years old getting scolded for something I innocently enjoyed or wanted to do. No no no. I can’t stand concepts that keep people stuck in the patterns, like putting protection shields around you etc. It’s hogwash! There are ways that will shift you greatly into your power INSTANTLY without having to “protect” yourself from “dark energy” Sighhhhh……..Maybe that’s another post.

Here’s what I have been shown. Earth is not a school, it’s a platform for really powerful, leading edge masters to come here and create whatever they desire. That’s it. The moment I take my clients into their power, learning a lesson falls away, because you REMEMBER who you are. Now that’s true energy work.

Be your Radical Non-Conformist self. The world needs you. You came here to be the master of your world and to connect with others. That’s it. You aren’t doing anything wrong. You aren’t doing anything right. You are just BEING. You are the creator and you are magnificent so STOP BUYING into concepts that keep you small. I want you BIG and POWERFUL because then we can all play together in a really cool awesome way! 🙂