I have taken the time to change up my site and to finally incorporate a blog portion to help those who follow me get to know me! What can I say?WOW, this year has been pretty intense with the energy work I have been doing in becoming a more deliberate creator. Over the years, yes I have manifested amazing things, but there came a point where it wasn’t in the material gains. What I wanted was a connection with others. What I didn’t realize was that I wasn’t connected to myself and when I did connect with others there were some major codependent patterns that still affected my life.

Then there is the whole aspect of being vulnerable. How can I show my following just how much of a mess I can be too! Why do we continue to judge our spiritual teachers as well? We have this idea of what a spiritual teacher looks like and quite honestly I have never fit any label on this planet. I am by no means going to fit a spiritual teacher because I still enjoy what the Earth gives me (sex, cannabis, women, travelling, food,¬†wine, movies, poetry, shaking my ass, etc) just to name a few ūüėČ If I am to be fully authentic in myself than I had to do just that and see where it takes me.

So what you see here is what you get. I am FULLY TRANSPARENT.

This spiritual journey has nothing to do with levels, and¬† I believed that for many many years, but again the mind can never truly understand the soul’s vibration. It’s all about expansion, but in order to expand, I realized I had to really be deeply rooted in who I came here to be. No more playing games, no more half ass choices, no more manipulating energy to get what I want (hahaha¬†yes yes I was fully aware of my abilities to do this), really I had to get really authentic with the energy streams I wanted to ride.

When I say energy, it’s about the deep authenticity, the point where my soul meets the energy of the cosmos. There can be no lies or half-truths in that connection. Once I cleared that up I was left on the floor in a vulnerable mess. How in the world was I was to really be me in front of the world? EEEEEK!

Well, here I am. Like everyone who ventures into the unknown, I’m no different. It’s weird, exciting, uncomfortable but thrilling. This is the point in all the years of doing my calling, it’s this day that I truly know my life will never be the same again. I feel it. I know it and I can taste it to the point that tears are streaming down my face.

This is a very humbled calling. To help others to know and to work in energy so they can heal and create their dreams…..WOW! I am so much in gratitude to be at this point where I can truly and authentically help others. This is a gift that swells in my heart. I am honoured to finally be in this strong solid vibration to serve.

Thank you thank you. It’s all been one big gigantic¬†blessing. I can’t wait to see what else unfolds in this miraculous world! Have a blessed day everyone xo